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What's the best DDoS Protected Server?

What's the best DDoS Protected Server?

You can view the full server list here:

People ask us daily about what's the best DDoS Protected server, this can really variate. Most people think that OVH-GAME & NFO are the best ones, that's wrong. They are all good, however, there is one host which can withstand any attack that has been sent to it and that's Path.

We have servers with all the major DDoS Protected hosting providers, which include: OVH-GAME, Hydra, NFO, Hetzner, CloudFlare, Linode, Corero, Nelax & Path.

Path DDoS Protection
- 6Tbps Capacity
- Really Fast Support
- Experienced Anti-DDoS Team
- Patched UDP-RAPE & KILL ALL Completely, something other hosts said was not possible.
- 10Gbps Port Servers (!!)
- Hole-Punching technology blocks out any traffic except legitimate VPN Traffic! Makes it untouchable.

The path is the only host that successfully patched several bypass methods that other hosts couldn't. They developed a brand new solution that only allowed legitimate VPN Traffic to reach the server and block every other traffic out from it.

We have Path servers in the following locations

- Coming soon! - Miami, United States & London, England
- Chicago, United States,
- New York, United States.
- Los Angeles, United States.
- Dallas, United States.
- Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All Path servers includes a 10Gbps Port, which means even if the attack were to leak 1-2Gbps (which it won't) the server will remain unaffected.

Read more about Path's Advanced DDoS Protection at their website: