How did it start?

It all started a very long time ago when we were falsely banned for “Account Takeover” requests by Sony. We were forced to code a custom tool in Python that would monitor all our 40+ servers around the world every hour to check if they can access PlayStation Network.

What Happened?

A couple of months back, we started noticing a massive spike in IP bans on PlayStation Network, and as a VPN Provider that focuses on Gaming — we had to take a deeper look into what’s the cause and how to “patch” it.

The Investigation

The bans would ban the server’s IP Address from accessing PlayStation Network, throwing the error code “800710016” on PlayStation 3. This indicates that the IP Address you are using is blacklisted/banned, and the only solution that Sony support gives you is to change your IP Address.

As a VPN Provider, changing our IP’s on numerous of servers every day is not only not effective way of doing it — but also very costly. We were forced to investigate deeper, after numerous of attempts to contact Sony about the incident.

We ended up checking our DDoS logs & everything. It was quite difficult to determine the exact cause of what, but after a couple of hours, we did. There was a brand new DDoS attack we’ve never seen before, which would attack our servers — and the result of us being the victim of it would be that our server’s IP address would be banned. The attacks were also completely spoofed, which means that Sony will basically ban any IP Address (even spoofed ones).

The Solution

The attack is extremely difficult to both block & detect. We tried many different methods, but only one seems to work. We’ve applied it to all of our servers, and protected all our customers against this kind of attack. There is absolutely nothing you as a consumer of Sony can do besides using a VPN — and right now we are the only VPN on the market that has found a way around it.

We are the first VPN on the market to come up with a solution for this, and that’s why we are who we are. We’re keeping our method completely private for now.

The Conclusion

  • Sony does not care about inviduals having their IP’s blacklisted, after numerous of attempts contacting them & reporting this.
  • The attack was extremely difficult to both detect & patch.
  • You are not able to stop the IP bans if you play on your home connection.
  • OctoVPN is the only VPN on the market who has succesfully blocked the attacks & bans from occuring.