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OctoVPN vs. PureVPN, NordVPN & Others!


OctoVPN was launched in 2017 by someone who's been specializing in DDoS Attacks for years, in regards to stopping them. And using the technology we have for good, to help other gamers to play their games peacefully.

Other big names out there like PureVPN, NordVPN & PIA may advertise "DDoS Protection" but what they don't tell you. Is that soon as the attack hits their servers, you'll be disconnected instantly from your service, i.e PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

OctoVPN does not only depend on our network provider for DDoS Protection like other said brands, but we also have our custom firewall system & rules written, that allows us to apply custom patches across the world to all our locations with a click of a button - in a matter of seconds after we wrote the rule.

We have hundreds of clients who have moved over from the said brands and found a way better experience using our service, with zero effects from even the largest attacks.

DDoS Attacks evolve daily, and there are always new methods that are in development. Even though you may think having an OVH is more than enough, there will always be "Bypasses" that could bypass their firewall system, also known as VAC.

We have over 36 locations across the world, with multiple big names such as OVH & NFO. We have deployed our own custom BPF rules to our NFO's to block the NFO-LAG Methods that have been circulating, and this isn't something those big brands would ever spend their time on.

OctoVPN Features

  • Actually DDoS Protected 😏
  • Custom VPN Client w/ Streamer Mode.
  • Starting from low as $4.99/m for over 36 DDoS Protected locations across the world!
  • 24/7 watch for new bypass attacks.

The Team behind OctoVPN

  • Octolus - CEO of OctoVPN w/ many years of experience within both DDoS Prevention & WhiteHat Hacking, thanked by Sony & game developers for his research.
  • Zigi - CTO of OctoVPN is specialized in Layer-4 & Layer-7 DDoS Protection and ran his own DDoS Protected Proxy service for websites with servers around the world in an Anycast Formation for lowest latency. He is also our in-house system administrator and developer for our servers and client.