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DDoS Notifications with OctoVPN

DDoS Notifications with OctoVPN


At OctoVPN we offer a wide variety of DDoS Notifications when your Private Server is under attack. This helps you to understand when you are being targeted and how our DDoS Protection stopped the attack.

We have our own custom solution which allows us to push alerts out to our customers soon as their servers are under attack. This is particularly for Private Servers. We have DDoS Alerts for the Public Servers too however since there are several users connected at the same time to those servers, those alerts won't be accurate.  

The different alert services OctoVPN offers

  • Email alerts
  • Website push notifications
  • Discord notifications (#attacks) in our public discord
  • Discord  Webhook notifications (only for Private Servers)

If you own a Private Server you can set it up by heading to your Private Server management panel & clicking "Attacks".