About OctoVPN

OctoVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service that was founded in 2017 and is registered in Norway. The company specializes in providing secure and private internet connections to users around the world, with a focus on DDoS protected servers.

Protocols Used: OctoVPN uses the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols to ensure the security and encryption of users' internet connections.

Private Servers: In addition to its normal VPN plans, OctoVPN also offers private servers that allow users to have their own dedicated VPN server with the VPN software already installed. Private servers also allow users to add up to 15 additional users and come with reselling capabilities.

Why Choose OctoVPN: With its focus on security, privacy, and DDoS protection, OctoVPN is a trusted and reliable choice for protecting users' online activities and data.

Being a company registered in Norway has several advantages for OctoVPN and its users. Norway is known for its strong privacy laws and commitment to protecting users' online rights and freedoms. As a registered Norwegian company, OctoVPN is subject to strict regulations and standards, ensuring that it provides high-quality, secure, and private VPN services to its users. In addition, Norway is not part of the 14 Eyes alliance, which is a group of countries that share intelligence and surveillance information with each other. This means that OctoVPN is not subject to the surveillance practices of the 14 Eyes alliance, providing an extra layer of privacy and security for its users.